Natalie Myers

Twitter Is All About Branding and Customer Service

I think it’s safe to say that Twitter-mania has arrived. In every other interview I do, someone mentions Twitter. Doing a keyword search for “Twitter” in my RSS reader, I found thousands of blog posts about it.

But how does this micro-blogging site help marketers and PR professionals?

What I’m learning is it’s all about branding and in some cases customer service. Consider the way JetBlue Airways uses Twitter:

The airline distributes news and promotions, but also helps Twitter followers address problems, such as when a flight is delayed and they’re stuck in the airport with few alternatives.

JetBlue customers have sent direct messages to JetBlue’s Twitter account using their cell phones. And the PR office has been able to address their direct concerns using the micro-blogging site.

Twitter can also create evangelists for a brand.

To discover more Twitter strategies check out MarketingSherpa’s special report on the topic.

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