Anne Holland

Nerve's Email Subject Lines Build Branding

April 26th, 2002

Speaking of email subject lines that express your site or ezine’s branding, I gotta admit (disclaimer) even though I rarely
visit their site, every Friday afternoon I really look forward to seeing what Nerve’s weekly email subject line will be next. The
site is famous for being youthful, sexy and witty. And despite the fact that I get about 800 (no joke, the Intern counted) emails a day, those Nerve subject lines stand out every time, clearly proclaiming their branding without ever actually saying their name. Some recent samples:

Birds Do It, Bees Do It And Now You Know How Bulls Do It!
It’s Time to Start Screwing with Your Mind
Pubic wigs are the new black mini…

You know, they don’t have to actually say “Nerve News Vol 12 Issue IX” for us to get the point. That’s true marketing communications craftsmanship.


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