Anne Holland

No, I'm not a drug dealer

December 5th, 2002

Since this Sunday’s article in The Washington Post, the cat’s out
of the bag. Yeah, I’m “Oz” and Sherpa is a 100% virtual company.

My team work out of home offices in seven different states. Many
of us have never even met “in person.” It’s mostly great, except
sometimes for the time zone thing.

I’m nothing compared to SitePoint’s Founder Matt Mickiewicz who
works out of a home office in Vancouver, Canada while the rest of
his company is based in Melbourne, Australia, and most of their
site visitors are in the US.

Matt tipped me off to one problem with home offices that never
occurred to me. His neighbors sometimes give him weird looks.

“They see a young guy with a nice house and a nice car and I never
seem to go out to work. So they figure I must either be a dealer
or maybe I’m running an Internet porn site.”

I just moved to a new neighborhood myself, and some of my new
neighbors have also given me weird looks.

After I talked to Matt, I thought, no it couldn’t be. Then
I asked my new cleaning lady. “Did you think I might be a drug
dealer at first?” “Of course!” she replied.

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