Adam T. Sutton

B-to-C Marketing on a Shoestring: Focus on Customers

Tracy Drumm found herself in an unpleasant situation three years ago. Tracy, the Marketing Director for plastic surgeon Steven Dayan, MD, FACS, was told that she had to clamp down on marketing spending, big time.

She didn’t panic, though. Instead, she got creative.

The full story is way too long for a blog. The short story is she started looking at tactics that cost almost nothing. She focused on customers already coming into the office, so she didn’t have to spend money reaching them. Expenses were low and ROI went way up, she says.

Perhaps an experiment along the same lines could help your ROI? Carve off a portion of your marketing team. Tell them they’re allowed to spend $500 or less for the next month and still bring in revenue. Allow the rest of your department to run normally. The experiment could reveal new ways to make money at rock-bottom prices.

Or not, of course. But so what? Tracy had to do it. And she proved that you don’t need a big budget to get results.

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