Natalie Myers

Baby Boomers: They’re Far From Homogenous

You’d think we’d know everything about Baby Boomers by now, right?  Wrong.

Here some insights about the demographic you may not know. I came across them while completing a  case study about marketing to Baby Boomers.

STORES Magazine recently reported “Five Things You Don’t Know About Baby Boomers.” The highlights:

-You shouldn’t treat Baby Boomers as a homogenous group with the same attitudes and purchasing behaviors

-You should segment Baby Boomers into two groups, younger and older

-You should segment them by income levels and media preferences

-Don’t forget about grandparent boomers and U-Boomers – the 24 million baby boomers who are sandwiched between the 10 million well-to-do boomers and 11 million disadvantaged boomers

Also, boomers tend to be less into blogs and social media, according to a study profiled in MarketingCharts.

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