Adam T. Sutton

Entice Consumers to Your Website with Their Photos

My parents and I went to a day game at Fenway Park the other day. Early in the game we were sitting in the bleacher seats, baking in the sun, when a photographer crept up and snapped our picture. He handed my mother a card with a special code and told us we could go to the Red Sox website to see the photo.

Intrigued, I had to see the photo online. The point of the site  seems to be to sell commemorative swag. But the experience — and the sensation I received — gave me an idea: Wouldn’t this be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website?

Most people like to see their own picture. When you’re in a group photo, and you receive a copy of the picture, who’s the first person you look for?

Having a few photographers wandering around your next company event, taking pictures of customers and handing them cards, could be a good way to get them to visit your website. When they see their images, you could target an offer to them: perhaps a special discount only for event attendees. There are lots of possibilities.

Pictures are powerful. A photographer who takes your picture might make you feel a bit weird. But when he takes your picture and tells you where to find it later, he grabs your attention. You’ll want to see it. You become a captive audience.

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