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Real Estate Marketing Tip: Community Blogs

Realtors are facing tough times, but they’re not giving up. Some are discovering innovative ways to market themselves and their properties.

Ralph Roberts, owner of Ralph Roberts Realty in Washington Township, MI, created a community blog for the county where he sells real estate.

It’s called The benefit is it acts as an SEO tool for keyword searches involving Macomb County.

The blog shows up on the first page of search results partly because the keyword “Macomb County” is in the headline of each blog post.

The blog, in turn, promotes Ralph’s company because it has a link to Ralph Roberts Realty in the top right-hand corner.

The blog also provides useful info for people living in or wanting to move to the county, Ralph says. It achieves two important goals in one fell swoop.

TIP: I think larger real estate companies can apply this to blog marketing strategies.

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