The “FW” Email Strategy…

November 24th, 2008

For our money, PETCO has always done a good job with their online marketing, specifically in email. And that’s part of the reason why it was intriguing to see their most recent email campaign where John Lazarchic, Vice President of Ecommerce, for the pets products eretailer, penned a short letter truly in the form of a personal email.

The copy appeared as such in blue font:

Hello everyone! Sorry for the impersonal Bulk Email, but trying to get this out as quickly as possible.

I have attached PETCO’s First ever Friends and Family Event for this Sunday (11/23) for 20% off an In-Store Purchase.

Please feel free to pass along to anyone who you think could use a little extra savings as we go into a challenging Holiday Season for most people.


John Lazarchic

Vice President. E-Commerce

What’s more is that it used the following subject line to *suggest* that he was forwarding you a special offer: FW: PETCO | Save 20% at PETCO’s Friends & Family Event – One Day Only!

Now, I hadn’t ever seen two specific things before getting this message. One, a “forwarded” email that was marked “FW”. (Of course, they usually appear as “fwd”.) Interesting tactic, huh?

The whole campaign is definitely an interesting concept. My guess is that it did get a pretty good response from their customer base, statistically, when considering the economy and all.

But could it work for other eretailers? Or do you think it worked at all?

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