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B2B Digital Marketing: How Volvo Construction drove site visits through its email campaigns

July 22nd, 2013

Originally published on B2B LeadBlog

When John Johnston, Director of Digital Marketing, began his journey at Volvo Construction, he knew things had to be completely rebuilt, starting with the website and branching out into everything else. In this excerpt of a full video session from B2B Summit 2012, see how customer service topped the list for Volvo Construction when it began an overhaul on digital marketing, where email would bring customers to the website, and the website would convert them.

2:45 First, Volvo Construction created a website that acted as a useful and current resource for customers and dealers. Johnston wanted the website to be the ultimate guide for the visitor, so they could find everything they needed, including its social media posts, without leaving the site.

4:21 Subsequently, Johnston’s team structured digital marketing around the website so that PPC, SEO and email would attract customers and the website would be helpful enough for them to stay.

5:33 He also decided that email is how they would “primarily drive traffic to the website.”

Crafting the email to serve customer needs was vital to this plan. Since customer needs vary so greatly, Johnston’s team needed “to make sure the content changes,” to match customer needs and. The emails also needed to contain dynamic content and interactive functionality the customers appreciated, as well as the analytics that the company could use.

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