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Consumers Respond to Web Personalization

June 25th, 2008

Online consumers want a personalized Web experience, according to a recent survey conducted by MyBuys/The E-tailing Group. Out of the 1,345 consumers surveyed, 77% said they have made additional purchases based on a merchant’s personalized recommendation.

This finding makes me think of Kiyonna, a plus-sized women’s apparel company that uses geotargeting to make each Web experience unique. It’s based on where the visitor is coming from — be it Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or Texas, New York, California.

What Kiyonna does is personalize messaging to those Web visitors from different geographic locations using banner ads. Each banner ad has some sort of idiom like “ya’ll,” “g’day,” or “eh” that speaks to the culture of a region to let the visitor know the site is for them.

This tactic has little to do with merchant recommendations, as the survey points out. But imagine what were to happen if you combined the two strategies?

Offer recommendations based on previous buyer behavior and try to implement some sort of geotargeted Web personalization strategy. The results could be interesting.

Find out more about Kiyonna’s campaign or see creative samples by reading MarketingSherpa’s special report on Marketing to Canadians.

Natalie Myers

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