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Real Estate Commercials: Insights from RE/MAX Creative Director

October 9th, 2008

Most people in the real estate vertical know that RE/MAX is a top buyer when it comes to television ads. The company spends more than $1 billion annually promoting brand awareness through many channels, including television.

What’s interesting is the change in tone of RE/MAX commercials these days. When I spoke to David Rea, Executive Creative Director of RE/MAX International Inc., about the most recent string of commercials he told me the focus has definitely shifted due to the state of the real estate industry.

It’s a buyer’s market and that’s the message new RE/MAX commercials are getting across to consumers. Single people, who rent, now have a better opportunity to buy than in the past. That’s why David’s team created a humorous commercial focusing on a bachelor who wants to move into a new place to “entertain the ladies.” The tag line is: “Now’s a great time to buy a home.”

David has been at RE/MAX for almost 25 years. He says he doesn’t know how many commercials he’s helped create in that time, “but it’s a lot.”

When I asked him how he comes up with concepts for RE/MAX commercials at different times he said: “It’s just sort of being tuned in to what’s going on and then try to find an interesting way of addressing the problems that are out there, whether that’s through an analogy or weird metaphor or looking at different types of people and imagining what they might want.”

Natalie Myers

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