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Email Marketing: E-commerce company’s behavior-based marketing tactics increase CLTV 416% in 14 months

November 8th, 2013

For Jermaine Griggs, Founder, Hear and Play Music, communicating with customers through email was a critical part of his marketing efforts. By embracing behavior-based marketing tactics, Jermaine achieved an increase in customer lifetime value (CLTV) of 416% in 14 months simply by harnessing the power of personalized marketing strategies.

At Email Summit 2013, Jermaine explained how he accomplished these results in his presentation, “How an Online Music Teaching Company Harnessed the Power of Email Automation & Behavior-based Marketing to Increase Conversions.”

In this video excerpt, learn about behavior-based marketing, and how Jermaine applied it to Hear and Play’s CRM system.


“Personalized marketing is about authentically altering the user experience based on data and behavior,” Jermaine explained

In this short clip, watch how Hear and Play captures and uses internal and external data to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. Also, understand how to let what your customers and prospects do dictate what you do in return.

“In the backend, we look at how many days it takes for somebody to buy. So if you come, you opt-in for the lessons, you buy in seven days … I have a value in their record that says ‘seven.’ That’s a score to me … I can take that score and say, well, people that took this amount of time to buy, we make the expiration date of their next offer, their next follow-up promotion, we make it tighter, sooner,” Jermaine explained.

Watch the full free session from Email Summit 2013 to learn:

  • The five ways to discover if you are using CRM as a “glorified autoresponder”
  • More about behavior-based, personalized marketing
  • Jermaine’s three favorite letters, RFM, and how they relate to constant growth of repeat purchases, transaction sizes and overall customer value
  • What taught him about recency and frequency tracking


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