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Email Summit: Mobile marketing panel on the complex sale

February 9th, 2012

Day one of the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012 opened with Sergio Balegno, Director of Research, MECLABS, and Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS, the parent company of MarketingExperiments, with an emphasis that this is a research-based event driven by the 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, featuring W. Jeffrey Rice, Senior Research Analyst, as the lead author.

The afternoon kicked off with two sets of breakout sessions featuring both direct sale and complex sale tracks.

I was able to catch a complex sale presentation, “Mobile Marketing Panel: Integrating mobile campaigns for the complex sale.”

The panel was moderated by Meghan Lockwood, Research Analyst, MECLABS, and featured these presenters:

  • Josh Herman, VP of Product Strategy, Acxiom Corporation
  • Kate Williams, Independent Consultant, currently consulting for T-Mobile
  • R.J. Talyor, Director of Product Marketing, ExactTarget
  • Nick Fuller, Director of Strategy and Analytics, eDialog

Attendees were presented with a few data points to set the stage:


Click to enlarge


All four panelists provided the audience with case studies. I will highlight one of those here.

Josh offered a case study on mobile advertising and the mobile CRM handshake.


Who decides about the targeting for mobile advertising spend?

Josh says, “Why we care about that is you run the risk of creating a marketing ‘Tower of Babel’ between your mobile advertising spend and your mobile CRM investment.”

With this, the two departments would have separate budgets and might not have ever even met each other, but they share the most critical common denominator — the mobile consumer.

“You should be employing the same targeting data for your mobile ad campaign, and that is also the same data employed in your mobile CRM database,” says Josh.

He adds, “We think of this as the mobile operational handshake and data hand-off between the mobile advertising spend and the mobile CRM relationship.”

He says he’s excited about the new targeting data capabilities in mobile in 2012, and added what is new and trending this year is improved targeting data for mobile advertising.

For example, taking the targeting intelligence from the CRM database and using it to select the ZIP codes for your mobile ad campaign.

The presentation included a slide on the best ZIP codes across the United States for mobile ad targeting:


Click to enlarge

 (image courtesy of Acxiom, used  by permission)


“What we like about this is the campaign performance at the ZIP code level can then be tied back into the CRM database,” says Josh.

Josh also offered some questions to ask as a takeaway for attendees:

  • Did the folks we’re targeting with mobile ads actually opt-in?
  • Are the characteristics of those who opt-in to mobile CRM from our website the same as those who opted-in via email offers, mobile ads, online ads or retail signage?
  • Are the analytics of those populations being shared across departments?


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