Anne Holland

Multi-level Marketers Promoting Newspaper Subs

July 20th, 2003

Weirdest spam of the weekend:

For the first time in 20 years, America is going to witness the launch of a new nationwide newspaper. “THE USA TIMES” will launch on Jan. 1 2004, and the promotion is on now. You can join for free and bring other members into the program to get a great residual income for life.

They are promoting it through MLM and paying on 5 levels, Everybody reads the newspaper. You could earn thousands of dollars in residual income for life!

But it made me wonder — now that many newspapers’ circulation departments are freaking because the new Do Not Call list includes them (in many states they had thought they could use local laws to get around it) they’re gonna have to find a marketing tactic to replace the average 39% of print paper subs sold by telemarketing. So that crazy spam may actually forecast future tests.

Note: this article in Editor & Publisher on this topic has a generalized statement that “telemarketing: It has the worst retention rate of all the methods the NAA measured.”

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