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Content Marketing: 3 tips from the trenches

September 11th, 2012

I have small confession to make. Content marketing is fast becoming an industry topic near and dear to my heart. My responsibilities as a content creator for marketers has given me a soft spot for this segment of our audience that I was recently able to indulge during the “Confessions of a Content Marketer” session at the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012 in Orlando, Fla.

The session presenter was Edwin Jensen, Director of Business Development, The Ian Martin Group and he offered a series of short insights dubbed “tips from the marketing trenches.”

So, today’s MarketingSherpa post will present some of the tips Edwin shared in just the way he intended — as “a great blog post for some of you out there.”

 Tip #1: Hire and develop digital citizens

Success in content marketing hinges on being applied in the digital world, so hiring people who live and breathe all things digital is a good start.

“Google your people to determine their interaction levels with the digital world,” Edwin said. “Are the marketers on your team the occasional digital tourists or are they living it every day as digital citizens?”

Edwin also suggested using interns as a great digital citizen supplement for budget-strapped organizations.


Tip #2: Engage employees in social media

If you are wondering how to lift the use of social media within your organization, you first have to determine what kind of social media presence best fits your organization. Once that is determined, Edwin suggests a two-part strategic approach to implementing a social media initiative:

  1. Assess the level of maturity of social media use among people in your organization.
  1. Build upon the maturity assessment by teaching people within the organization how to establish a social media footprint using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Tip #3: Create employee-generated content

Interview thought leaders in your organization, and generate content that can be shared with others in the digital world.


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