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Need Clients? Offer Relevant Online Resource for Targets

December 4th, 2008

Is this marketing genius? Pontiflex, the self-dubbed first open and transparent cost-per-lead (CPL) market, yesterday announced the revealing of a free Online Advertising ROI Calculator.

It allows online advertisers and marketers (Pontiflex’s target audience) to compare the costs of online advertising campaigns based on CPM, CPC, and CPL pricing models.

First, you select an industry, then enter the CPM and CPC in that industry (or use the pre-calculated amounts), and then enter the number of leads you want to generate. The tool calculates the estimated budgets needed to conduct the CPM, CPC, and CPL campaigns.

What I find remarkable about this tool is that it not only provides relevant information for marketers focused on maximizing the ROI of campaigns in a tough economy, it’s also a pitch for why they should use Pontiflex products.

Excerpt from the site:

“Transparent CPL advertising is much more cost effective than CPM or CPC advertising. But just how much more cost effective? Use the ROI calculator below to find out.”

This is an awesome way to engage a target audience. I think it applies to marketers in industries outside of marketing/advertising.

Takeaway: Try developing and offering a free online tool that’s relevant to your target audience. I’m curious to find out if Pontiflex gets an uptick in leads from the ROI Calculator.

Note: Don’t put a comma in the “Leads Goal” box. Doing so will create a glitch and the calculation won’t work.

Natalie Myers

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