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Think Big, Bold With CSR Campaigns

October 29th, 2008

Once in a while, when developing Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, PR folks really should think big, think bold and jump on opportunities to be big and bold with CSR messaging. That’s what I learned when reporting on The Hartford Financial Services Group’s award-winning diversity communications campaign for a Fame article.

The community and media relations folks at The Hartford knew they had an opportunity to make a bold statement about the importance of diversity when an employee brought their attention to a large traveling art exhibit called Coexistence.

But they only had a window of three months to jump on it, convince the curator to let the exhibit visit Hartford, Conn. and develop a programming that was relevant to their community but also complimentary to the exhibit’s message.

Here are a few things they did:

-Assigned five internal staff members to make phone calls to all of the arts organizations, political leaders, religious leaders, and education leaders they could think of

-Compiled an honorary committee of these folks

-Asked the committee to reach out to their constituents and encourage them to attend

-Mined the talent and expertise within the community to help build programming for the 4 weeks that the exhibit was at the corporate campus

In the end they exposed more than 30,000 people in their community to the idea that accepting and understanding each other is important to the community.

Natalie Myers

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