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How To Track Leads from Real Estate Blogs

July 9th, 2008

The ways to market real estate online seem endless. Blogging is a major part of the equation among the successful online real estate marketers I spoke to for a MarketingSherpa special report on the topic.

What I found, though, is that these marketers face major challenges when it comes to tracking the number of leads coming from blogs. Unless a Web visitor offers an email address to receive more content, there is little real estate marketers can do besides waiting for leads to call and asking how they found them.

There may not  be a better way to do this. But Dustin Luther, an online real estate marketing coach and pioneer real estate blogger, says there are tools to help at least keep track of answers to the question: Where did you find me?

Dustin suggests using a tool called Jott. It’s a free voice-to-text service that allows you to call a phone number and leave a voice message, such as “[name] found us from a listing on”

The service then transmits that voice message into text and sends you an email with the transcribed message. You can then categorize in your inbox to track leads coming in from online and offline avenues.

This is one cool way to do it. If you know of others, let me know!

Natalie Myers

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