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Safely Leveraging AI in SEO: Best practices and Google compliance tips

May 23rd, 2024

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Although the straightforward use of AI-generated content is not awarded by Google, significant performance benefits can be gained by digital marketers leveraging AI in a responsible and professional manner.

Here are some effective strategies for applying generative AI expertise to escalate one’s performance in SEO and other domains of digital content creation.

I have tried ranking more than 100 template landing pages and blogs with pure AI content, and my experience shows that trying to rank purely AI-based content does not work. The text gets indexed and then deindexed by Google the next day; we did not receive any traffic gains.

But artificial intelligence can assist with content creation. What is received from AI needs to be developed, reviewed and improved to be unique and valuable. Using this approach, I’ve ranked at least 10 blog posts and landing pages for keywords ranked from 20 to 45 competitiveness by the Mangools SERPChecker.

In this article, I’ll show you my process. For this example, I use MeclabsAI (from MarketingSherpa’s parent organization).

But first, let’s review what Google has publicly said about artificial intelligence and content.

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