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Find Some Consulting Success with LinkedIn

April 23rd, 2008

It can take a long time and lots of experience before you are “ready” to become a consultant. Even then it might not be right for you.

That’s the big takeaway I found while researching the characteristics of successful marketing and PR consultants for a MarketingSherpa article and quiz. But there are other traits that should be mentioned.

Good consultants take their credibility and reputations very seriously even if that means telling their clients, “No,” when their expertise just isn’t a good fit.

Mary Garret, owner of MG Public Relations Inc., says she won’t work with clients who don’t have a story that reporters would respond to. It’s part of keeping her credibility with reporters in check while ensuring she’ll have positive outcomes with clients who do have significant stories.

Also, I don’t know if LinkedIn is getting more traction these days. But another consultant, Jeanne Jennings, told me that after years of having a profile on the site she’s finally getting some business from it. One was a six-month project from a woman who found her by searching LinkedIn for email marketing consultants in the D.C. area.

Apparently Jeanne isn’t the only consultant finding this useful. Check out this Consultant Journal blog post and this LinkedIn blog post to find other ways.

Natalie Myers

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Natalie Myers writes for MarketingSherpa’s Great Minds and Content Biz newsletters. She covers a broad array of topics for Great Minds, regularly interviewing thought leaders and experienced marketers about innovative or highly successful marketing strategies. For Content Biz she focuses specifically on online subscriptions models, including anything you pay for to read, listen to, watch, rent (as in Software as a Service models), etc.

She writes blog posts about topics relating to her beats, including useful information from interviews that doesn’t make it into an article.

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