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B2B Marketing Research: 68% of B2B marketers haven’t identified their Marketing-Sales funnel … and it shows

B2B marketing has always been complicated, and has only become more complex over the last few years thanks to evermore empowered buyers, new technologies, a difficult economy and growing international organizations that make navigating potential buyers and influencers in target companies harder by the day.

So, I sat down with Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS, for a look at her recent discoveries from her 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report to see what marketers are telling us about these challenges …



Here are some of the research discoveries Jen and I discussed in the video, along with the source charts:

  • At 1:06 – Challenges are still growing for B2B marketers. Lead quality, lead volume and conveying value are getting harder for B2B marketers every year.


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  • At 2:19 – The continual struggle between quality and quantity of leads. The marketplace is evolving, and marketers are resistant to adapt to the latest best practices.


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  • At 5:12 – Perceptions on the effectiveness of all tactics experienced dramatic declines in 2011.


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  • At 7:14 – And now for one last reason why B2B marketers are feeling more challenged. Sure, there are some pretty strong macro conditions – more empowered buyers, more challenging org structures, even more complexity within their own organizations – that might be accounting for the increasing difficulty of B2B marketing.


But could marketers be helping themselves out more in the face of these headwinds? Some shocking data – only 68% of B2B marketers have identified their Marketing-Sales funnel (and you can’t optimize your funnel until you’ve defined it) and 79% of marketers have not established lead scoring.

[Adoption of latest best practices is sluggish]

If you would like to share your marketing wisdom on a future episode of Marketing Research in Action and live in (or will be in) the Jacksonville area, please let me know.


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