Natalie Myers

B-to-B: Try Marketing to Canadians

There’s a lot to be said for marketing to one of our closest neighbors, Canada – especially when their economy (and dollar) is strong, and ours remains weaker.

There is plenty of opportunity for B-to-B marketers targeting Canada. I discovered this opportunity while doing research for a special report on marketing to Canadians.

The report was written for ecommerce and consumer marketers, but catered to B-to-C marketers. So it’s important to note that besides the opportunity to break into major consumer verticals like tourism, automotive, electronics and real estate, there is as much chance to break into B-to-B verticals. Canadian firms are just as interested in purchasing from the U.S. as Canadian consumers.

Also, now that the Canadian dollar is strong many Canadian firms want the B-to-B tools, software, and services that will help them market to U.S. consumers.

Just something to keep in mind…

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