Natalie Myers

Nonprofits Use Blogs to Reach Children, Teens

An interview with Rick Keller, COO, Save-R-Planet Kids, a non-profit dedicated to educating children and adults about recycling in Leesburg, FL, yielded an interesting use of blogs in the nonprofit world.

Rick says that instead of creating a website for the year-old nonprofit, his team created a blog site because “you have to get the word out to the customer base that you want to attract,” in this case children and teens.

Since many children and teens use social networking sites and blogs, Rick says, he wanted to give them information about the nonprofit on a medium they like to use.

Makes perfect sense, and shows forward-thinking on Rick’s part. It’s a great example of how even the smallest of organizations (three people total) are using low-cost alternatives like blogs to interact with a key audience while informing them of new developments within the organization.

Some larger organizations that also do a good job of blogging: First Book and Walker Art Center. Stop by for a look.

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