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PR’s Future Linked to Blogs, Web 2.0

The evolution of blogs continues to fascinate me – with marketing and PR pros leading the way in finding innovative uses for them.

Take Todd Defren from SHIFT Communications. He’s recognized as the creator of the Social Media Release. Todd has this idea that companies should create online newsrooms on a blog platform.

Building these newsrooms would allow PR professionals to add Web 2.0 capabilities to press releases, such as streaming video, bookmarking, links to relevant sites and blogs that link back to the news they’re announcing.

More importantly, it creates dialog about the news by allowing people to post comments.

Now I’d like to share a bit of Todd’s insight on the future of PR:

“I think if you put press releases aside for a minute, more and more the job of PR, it’s less about publicity and more about relationships. I think public relations as an industry is evolving to a community relations role where we are going to be just as concerned about what people are saying on the blogosphere and Twitter as we ever were about that article in the New York Times.”

To find out more, check out the PR interview with Todd from MarketingSherpa’s Fame newsletter.

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