Adam T. Sutton

Protect Customer Data to Keep Their Trust

Trust is a large part of marketing. You know that. Customers will not spend their money with you if they do not trust you.

Few things can shatter trust faster than a major data breach, and data breaches are up this year. Once customers find out that their credit card numbers, addresses and birth dates have been compromised, say “sayonara,” because they’re leaving.

Let this post serve as a way to help you safeguard your customer information. Safeguards gathered from a host of security experts include:

o Fortified database designed by an expert

o Limiting the number of people with access

o Limiting the length of time customer data is stored

o Making someone accountable for knowing who accessed the database and why

o Physical security, like securely locked doors and cameras, for storage

Lost or stolen laptops and other digital storage media remain the most frequently cited cause of data breaches — more than 20 percent of all reported cases, according to the article linked above.

Outsourcing compounds the problem. A data warehouse in India is much harder to manage than one in your local office. Everyone holding your customers’ data should be dependable.

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