Nestle Plays Ball with Online Video Contest

July 5th, 2008

We just published a Case Study about how eBillme ran an online video contest with extraordinary results. They got millions of YouTube views and gobs of media attention.

Right now, Nestle appears to be making a hearty attempt to build a memorable online video contest — dubbed “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” — for their Baby Ruth brand.

Since the candy bar is thought by most consumers to be named after baseball legend Babe Ruth, it’s a wonderful fit. That may or may not be fact, but that’s another story.

The contest is being run in conjunction with, which is hosting the contest page. There’s a lot to like about the dedicated landing page.

First, at the bottom of the fold, viewers see eight static but click-ready images for some of the best videos already entered into the contest. Next, at the upper right-hand-side, they have a large window for the Flash Player to execute selected videos.

And again at the bottom of the fold, they let viewers do the following:

– see the entire gallery of approved entries

– register for the contest and upload videos

– forward info about the contest to friends

– view lyrics and other info about the song

All in all, the landing page is a rather niftily put-together experience. I’ll be pinging them at the end of May after the contest ends to see if they actually outdid eBillme, which would be no easy task.

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