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Blog Awards: Vote for the marketing industry blogs that you find most helpful

We asked for your nominations, tallied up the results, and now we want to know who has earned your vote … for the marketing industry blogs that you find most helpful.

What blogs have made you better at your job? Helped you garner impressive results for your company or clients? Reward those blogs by using the poll feature to vote for your favorites in the poll below, a list of the most-nominated blogs chosen by you, the MarketingSherpa audience.

It’s an interesting list. Some very established industry blogs; some I had personally never heard of before. You can vote in the poll below (in just one category, or in all the categories) and then scroll below the poll for links to these blogs if you’d like to learn more.

The top vote getters will receive the MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award in their category, as well as be invited for a very rare opportunity – to write a guest post on the MarketingSherpa Blog.


UPDATE: Voting has now ended. We’re now tallying up the votes, so be sure to check back later for the winners.


Best Email Marketing Blog nominees

Best B2B Marketing Blog nominees

Best E-Commerce Blog nominees

Best Inbound Blog nominees

Best Copywriting Blog nominees

Best PPC (pay-per-click advertising) Blog nominees

Best SEO (search engine optimization) Blog nominees

Best Marketing Strategy Blog nominees

Best Social Media Marketing Blog nominees

Best Viral Marketing Blog nominees

Marketing Operations Blog nominees

Best Design Blog nominees

Best Optimization Blog nominees

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