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Influencers, Consultants, Publications, and Affiliate Marketers: Build an AI version of you (in just 30 minutes) that you can sell to your audience

June 14th, 2024

This blog post is radically different than any other blog post I’ve ever written.

Because I had an idea. It’s an idea I just can’t let go of. It’s an idea that you can take part in to make something magical and (not to sound crass but) profit from.

It was the early days of MelcabsAI (parent organization of MarketingSherpa). I was on a call with Flint McGlaughlin, and he showed me something he was working on for a company in the MeclabsAI pilot program. He quickly built an AI Expert based on a company’s founder in MeclabsAI. Just took some of the founder’s writing and pasted it into the Engineering Console of MeclabsAI. And now his team was using that AI Expert to help write emails.

I’d heard and seen yadda, yadda, yadda about AI up until this point. Everybody’s ‘mind was blown’ every other day on YouTube by something AI could supposedly do. Eye roll. Yeah whatever. I’m a skeptic.

But this. This was something different to me.

Because it wasn’t about what AI could do. It’s about what you could do.

It’s what I’ve taught about content marketing for so many years. You, each and every one of you, are experts in something. I don’t know you, but I know it’s true. Just look in your Outlook, consider your daily conversations, think about your weekly meetings, and on and on. You are helping people. That’s all (potential) content.

Now this is next level. Your expertise isn’t just potential content. It’s an interactive version of you. AI You.

Fast forward many months since that original idea, and today the full-featured MeclabsAI is live. This is possible right now. Today. And it’s so simple, you can even get your VA (virtual assistant) to do it for you. Think about what this could mean for influencers, thought leaders, consultants, publications, columnists affiliate marketers, resellers, and others with expertise and an audience?

Have your VA build an AI version of you to sell to your audience in just 30 minutes
Get 40% of the revenue (recurring every month) for every sale you make

Your time is valuable. And your audience rightly wants it. With MeclabsAI, you can sell them the next best thing – an AI version of you.

So instead of just selling ebooks and online courses as the entry level for your product ladder, you can sell an interactive advisor where your audience can benefit from your expertise…before they are able to (or are ready) to buy time with you and/or your team.

They can learn from AI You. Brainstorm with AI You. Get copy written by AI You. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

And MeclabsAI has made it so easy to build an AI version of you, you can outsource it to your virtual assistance.

Plus, not only will your audience get AI you, they’ll also get all of the features of MeclabsAI (built on Meclabs patented methodology) in a white label tool with your brand on it. With a foundation built upon the Meclabs Institute’s 20+ years of empirical research across thousands of marketing experiments, MeclabsAI is uniquely positioned as your audience’s go-to, AI-driven marketing advisor. Together, we offer an unbeatable value proposition.

What your audience gets

You can see everything your audience gets on the MeclabsAI pricing page.

What you get

  • An easy way to monetize previous content you’ve already created by making an AI version of you
  • An opportunity to co-brand with one of the early pioneers of digital marketing, Meclabs Institute (parent organization of MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments)
  • 40% of the revenue for everything you sell (recurring every month)
  • An easy-to-use dashboard that shows how many visitors and conversions you’ve gotten to your custom landing page

You up for an adventure?

Call me a crazy guy, but I feel that thought leaders and subject matter experts will soon be making AI versions of themselves. I’m not that smart. If I had this idea, others will too. If you want to be one of the early adopters, just email info@meclabs.com and let us know, visit this page, or take a look at this PDF for more details: MeclabsAI for Resellers

Daniel Burstein

About Daniel Burstein

Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS. Daniel oversees all content and marketing coming from the MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa brands while helping to shape the editorial direction for MECLABS – digging for actionable information while serving as an advocate for the audience. Daniel is also a speaker and moderator at live events and on webinars. Previously, he was the main writer powering MarketingExperiments publishing engine – from Web clinics to Research Journals to the blog. Prior to joining the team, Daniel was Vice President of MindPulse Communications – a boutique communications consultancy specializing in IT clients such as IBM, VMware, and BEA Systems. Daniel has 18 years of experience in copywriting, editing, internal communications, sales enablement and field marketing communications.

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