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Vendor Selection: A 5-step process for choosing a marketing automation solution or agency

February 3rd, 2015

How do you move 18 to 20 segments of customers through the learning process of a complex sale? Mitch Zlotnik, President, and Seth Pauley, Vice President, both of Audimute Acoustic Panels, used marketing automation to educate customers with content on a large buying decision.

To learn the process they used to find the right marketing automation solution and agency to help create this low-touch ecommerce operation, I interviewed Mitch and Seth.

“We’ve been rapidly growing for the last eight years. We’ve found a good partner selection helps you grow your business. A poor selection extracts resources from your business, creates problems that hinder growth,” Seth said.


Mitch and Seth discussed their “Five Q” Technology or Agency Selection Process:

  • Qualified (at 3:39 and 7:40 in the video interview)
  • Quantified (at 5:52)
  • Quick (at 5:05)
  • Quill (at 8:30)
  • Quality (at 8:39)

“One of the best questions you can ask a vendor is: ‘Who is your ideal customer?’” Seth said.

“They’ll tell you: ‘Everyone. I can certainly meet your needs.’ Right? Everyone tells you that,” he said.

“So press a little farther, ‘OK, who’s successful? Who’s successful?’ Let me disqualify myself from you so you save my time and save your time right away if we can. What do I need to know, what do you need to know about me and we can see if I fit your profile,” Seth advised.


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