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Give Email Subscribers the Opportunity To Belong

March 9th, 2009

Dan Heimbrock, President and CEO, HyperDrive Interactive, had so many great examples to share about how word-of-mouth and email marketing can work together to create brand advocates that I couldn’t help sharing one.

Heimbrock is presenting a case study at MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Summit, March 15-17, and I had the opportunity to interview him last week about the topic.

He says often the only incentive that people need to become brand advocates is an opportunity to belong to something they care about.

When Heimbrock was working with Cincinnati Parks to attract volunteers to join Park Advisory Councils for its 70 neighborhood parks his team took three steps.

Step #1. Segmented the email list based on the most responsive subscribers

Step #2. Invited the most enthusiastic subscribers to become “Street Team Leaders” and disseminate important information about the parks

Step #3. Offered a second tier of involvement, which included volunteering to be on a Park Advisory Council

Now, 22 of the 70 neighborhood parks have active councils.

It’s all about tapping into those email subscribers who want to contribute in some way, but just don’t know what opportunities exist, Heimbrock says. Email is a great tool for making it easy for people to get involved.

Natalie Myers

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