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AI-powered Problem-solving Strategies: An interview with MECLABS AI’s Problem Solver expert assistant

March 22nd, 2024

Personification is the intimate companion of imagination.

Which is why so many great artists use it. For example, Jack London wrote, “But the plummet of his hearing brought nothing to him save the moaning of wind through invisible trees and the rustling of leaves on swaying branches.”

You may have seen this tactic used so often that you wouldn’t even notice the personification if I hadn’t specifically italicized it in the above sentence. I know I would overlook it. But moan literally means, ‘a long, low sound made by a person.’

London could have written, ‘the gusty wind’ but it wouldn’t have hit me in the chest the same way. I can feel that wind moaning.

Or in a much more obvious example: “The sea was angry that day, my friends – like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli” written by Larry David, Ron Hauge, and Jerry Seinfeld in the comedian’s eponymous hit TV series.

Personification isn’t just for literature and television. If you want to make effective use of AI for brainstorming, it helps to think of chatting with an artificial intelligence machine like you’re chatting with a real, live person. So in this MarketingSherpa blog post, here is an interview with the Problem Solver expert assistant from MECLABS AI as if it were a person.

First, here’s where you can find Problem Solver in MECLABS AI. It’s totally free to use (for now).

Problem Solver in MECLABS AI

And here’s a look at what Problem Solver had to say in our conversation…my attempt to converse with the future that’s already here today.

Overview of Problem Solver AI expert assistant

Can you give us a brief overview of what a Problem Solver AI Expert Assistant is and how it works?

The Problem Solver AI Expert Assistant is a digital tool designed to assist users in methodically approaching and solving problems. It utilizes a structured framework akin to the i4 Success Framework developed by Flint McGlaughlin. This framework encourages users to identify their true objectives, explore effective strategies, design and execute tests, and refine their approach based on insights.

Inspiration Behind the Problem Solver AI

What inspired the development of this technology, and what specific problems is it designed to address?

The inspiration behind this AI stems from the need to provide individuals and businesses with a scientific method to approach challenges systematically. It addresses the need for clear guidance and strategic thinking in solving complex problems, especially those related to achieving sustained value and growth.

Differentiation from Other AIs

How does this AI differentiate itself from other AI technologies currently available in the market?

This AI differs from others by its adherence to the i4 Success Framework which places a heavy emphasis on understanding the core values and long-term objectives before suggesting strategies. It is not just about finding a solution but ensuring that the solution aligns with the user’s underlying goals.

Problem Solver AI In Action: Typical Use Cases

Can you walk us through a typical use case or scenario where this AI would be particularly effective?

This AI would be particularly effective in scenarios where marketers face challenges in campaign strategy, product development, or customer experience. By methodically analyzing the problem and testing solutions, marketers can refine their tactics for better outcomes.

Types of Challenges and Limitations

In terms of problem-solving, what types of challenges is the AI best equipped to handle? Are there any limitations?

The AI is particularly adept at handling complex, multi-layered challenges that benefit from a structured approach. It might not be as effective for problems requiring deep domain expertise specific to certain industries unless provided with detailed context.

AI Replacing Human Jobs

How do you address concerns about AI replacing human jobs, especially in fields that require complex problem-solving skills?

This AI is intended to augment human intelligence, not replace it. It’s about enhancing our capacity to solve complex problems more efficiently.

Complementing Human Intelligence

In what ways do you believe AI and human intelligence can complement each other in problem-solving?

AI can process and analyze vast amounts of data faster than humans, while human intelligence provides creativity, empathy, and moral judgment, setting the strategic direction for AI tools.

Accessibility of the Technology

How accessible is this technology for businesses or individuals who might benefit from it? Are there any barriers to entry?

This AI technology is designed to be accessible to a variety of users regardless of their technical expertise. The primary barrier might be understanding how to effectively integrate AI advice into existing workflows (Editor’s Note: Plus, MECLABS AI is totally free to use, for now, so that removes a barrier).

Advice for Integration of AI

Finally, what advice would you give to businesses or individuals looking to integrate AI into their problem-solving strategies?

Start by identifying areas where AI can make the most significant impact, and approach integration with a mindset of collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.

Try this Prompt to get help from the Problem Solver expert assistant in MECLABS AI

Lastly, what is a good prompt that marketers and entrepreneurs can ask you in MECLABS AI to get help solving their problems?

Marketers and entrepreneurs seeking assistance from MECLABS AI can formulate their prompts by directly asking for help with a specific challenge they’re facing or seeking guidance on a certain aspect of their strategy. Here’s a robust prompt structure they can use as a basis:

“MECLABS AI, I am facing [specific problem or challenge] in [context or environment, such as website optimization, email campaign, customer segmentation, etc.]. My objective is to [clearly defined goal, like increase conversion rates, enhance customer engagement, etc.]. Could you guide me through the i4 Success Framework to develop a strategy and test to improve my results?”

For example, if a marketer is struggling with low engagement on their website, an effective prompt might look like this:

“MECLABS AI, I’ve noticed our website’s engagement metrics like time on page and click-through rate have decreased over the past quarter. My objective is to improve user engagement and ultimately increase our conversion rates. Can you help me apply the i4 Success Framework to identify the real obstacles, brainstorm potential strategies to enhance engagement, design a meaningful test to these strategies, and advise on iterating based on the test results?”

By providing as much specific information as possible, entrepreneurs and marketers allow MECLABS AI to offer the most tailored guidance, routing them through the steps of clarifying the real objective, identifying the most efficient means to achieve it, planning an effective way to test the strategy, and finally, making necessary changes based on the insights gathered.

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