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8 GIFs of Hanukkah

December 24th, 2016

We wanted to get you gifts this holiday, but all we have are some GIFs. Our bad!

Here are some more marketing mishaps, one for each night of Hanukkah.

1. When you use best practices on the internet even though they are typically just pooled ignorance…



(This one comes from Do Rotating Sliders Work — part of a new CRO/LPO video series our sister company, MarketingExperiments, is working on.)

2. When you tell the CEO that you have a great idea…


(This GIF came from the filming of the MarketingExperiments CRO/LPO series. You can find all the videos here  more coming soon.)

3. When you make your customer hopscotch around a page and try to make meaning of it…


(Another one from the MarketingExperiments CRO/LPO video series. The episode this one comes from hasn’t been released yet, but you can see the 4 that are available here.)

4. When you try to segment your audience by offending more than half of the people in it…


(This is part of session 2 of the Messaging Strategy and the Centrality of the Value Proposition course — part of the MECLABS Institute/University of Florida graduate certificate program. Check out a full session from the course on the bottom of this page — unfortunately, you can’t see session 2 unless you are enrolled in the course.)

5. When you don’t answer these questions in the first 4 inches of your landing page…


(Another one from the MarketingExperiments CRO/LPO series Home page optimization.)

6. When you use all caps to grab people’s attention but end up making it harder for them to read…


(This one comes from Ecommerce Optimization in 8 Minutes — part of the MarketingExperiments CRO/LPO web series.)

7. When you send 24 million emails but get a 0% click rate on your share button…


(This one comes from a Summit 2016 presentation — see how one company lifted re-pins from email 31% through testing.)

8. When you don’t buy your Summit ticket before Jan. 5, miss the $600 discount, and don’t get to dance like this guy…


(This one comes from the MarketingSherpa Summit promo video — full video coming soon.)

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