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Almost six months since my last post…

March 29th, 2004

Almost six months since my last post… and here’s what I’ve learned:

a) As the economy improves your publishing company will take off at long last in terms of revenues (vs just poor but friendly fans.)

b) You’ll have worked yourself to the bone in the meantime, so you eagerly begin to look for editorial hires with the increased revenues.

c) Since you’re about to hire someone who can take over your blog (after almost four years of postings you’d like to take a break), you figure, hey take a break and the new guy/gal can pick it up shortly.

d) You find out how incredibly hard it is to hire someone, well, blog-worthy who’s passionate about the topic, and has enough biz background and time to do a good job. But you keep hoping, researching, headhunting….

e) Six months go by. And you’ve become one of those annoying Bloggers — someone who started out all full of posts but then let the thing languish by the wayside.

f) And now it’s almost embarassing to start again. You feel so lame you sort of want to hide. Plus, if you do start over and the perfect hire takes ages more to present himself/herself, what if you get all tired and swept-up in other stuff again; and then stop blogging all over and lose any remaining shards of trust with your readers??

So, that’s where I am. I do have one possible excellent hire for this in sight. But it could take a couple of months before she’s ready and able to take this on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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