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Eyeblaster Introduces Smellblaster – Online Ads That Smell

April 1st, 2004

At last a true use for dayparting! Eyeblaster, the leading rich media ad format, announced today the launch of Smellblaster (TM).

“Imagine – you’re surfing the Net late at night, when suddenly an ad for pizza floats across your screen, and you can actually smell the melted cheese and pepperoni,” says Eyeblaster Marketing Director Masha Geller.

“Eyeblaster has gained respect and trust through constant refinement of our Rich Media Platform and a commitment to serving client needs,” says CEO Gal Trifon. “Smellblaster is the obvious next step for rich media, and extension of that commitment.”

Could Smellblaster be the online ad format that finally pries significant consumer packaged goods and prepared foods ad budgets away from television?

Controlled effectiveness marketing tests conducted over the past 30 days in conjunction with Dynamic Logic and the Neilsen Norman Usability Labs, indicate the Smellblaster format offers a median 32% lift in brand favorability and 29% lift in purchase intent.

To make initial tests easier for creative teams and less expensive for clients, the Eyeblaster platform will contain a selection of preconfigured smells that can be served into any ad format. Paul Kadin, Eyeblaster EVP Marketing & Strategy, also offers this advice to ad creatives, “You don’t want your ad to stink.”

Initial sites offering the Smellblaster format include Yahoo, a long-time innovator known for running the first homepage takeover ad in 2001, and New York Times Digital, who are like Mikey, they’ll try anything., ESPN,, and iVillage have all also expressed interest.

In addition, several e-retailers are launching tests in the next quarter, including 1-800-FLOWERS,, and Wilson’s Leather.

Last but not least,, a site dedicated to filmmaker John Waters, will use Smellblaster technology to power its email newsletter.

Ofer Zadikario, Eyeblaster Co-Founder and VP Research & Development, says, “This experience is best in a broadband environment, however we are testing a new lingering smell format that would be equally effective for dial-up users.”

Smellblaster – it’s only a matter of time.

NOTE: MarketingSherpa would like to thank the folks at Eyeblaster for being such good sports about this April Fools article.

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