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Most-Tweeted MarketingSherpa Blog Posts of 2011: Top social media tactics, email marketing testing, and more

December 29th, 2011

It’s that time of year again … time to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned. For the MarketingSherpa blog, we wanted to focus that reflection on what you, our readers, valued most in 2011. So we created our top posts list from the number tweets you shared for each post.

And to say social media marketing dominated this year’s most-tweeted Sherpa blog posts would be an understatement. But it’s not surprising marketers have social marketing on the brain as we found more than two-thirds of organizations increased their social marketing expenditures in 2011, according to the MarketingSherpa 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report.

Without further ado, here are your top 11 Sherpa blog posts for 2011 along with a brief (140 character of less) description of the post from your peers …

#11: Search Marketing: The importance of an SEO Process

by @kacibower

We dig this article. | Search Marketing: The importance of an SEO Process — @seosalespro


#10: Inbound Marketing: Unlock the content from your emails and social marketing

by @AdamTSutton

Two great recommendations for finding content under your couch from @marketingsherpa@chrisbaggott — @jaybaer


#9: Landing Page Optimization: 2 charts describing the best page elements to test and how to test them

by @AdamTSutton

Sweet landing page data! — @jenika29


#8: B2B Marketing Infographic: How are B2B marketers optimizing their funnel?

by @DanielBurstein

Nice infographic from MarketingSherpa with key B2B marketing automation and funnel stats — @draab


#7: Social Media Marketing: Analytics are free and plentiful, so use them

by @AdamTSutton

Some free #socialmedia measuring tools from@MarketingSherpa  If you’re doing #socialmedia, you should be measuring too. — @nlakeland


#6: Email Research: The 5 best email variables to test

by @AdamTSutton

Great advice in this –> RT @MarketingSherpa Email Research: The 5 best email variables to test — @divinewrite


#5: Social Media Chart: Which channels are the most effective for inbound marketing?

by @AdamTSutton

Good article on SEO – content continues to be King! RT @MarketingSherpa SEO Tactics Chart — @marcommpro


#4: SEO Tactics Chart: Creating content is the most-effective tactic — here’s how to get started

by @AdamTSutton

For B2C brands, marketers say FB, blogs, video most effective inbound channels (@MarketingSherpa) — @MeltwaterBuzz


#3: Social Media Marketing: How to ensure Facebook doesn’t tear down your wall

by @DanielBurstein

How to stay ahead of the #fb police – For #sm marketers & brands that run apps /sweepstakes — @jessemontano


#2: Social Media Marketing: Tactics ranked by effectiveness, difficultly and usage

by @AdamTSutton

Wouldn’t you know it…the hardest social media tactics to execute are also the most effective. 🙂 — @rocketcole 


#1: Social Media Companies: 3 non-obvious ways social media will impact big companies

by @jaybaer

Smart companies know that BEING social is the key to success, not DOING social (via @jaybaer @marketingsherpa)  — @martinlieberman


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