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Marketing Research in Action: 84% of SMBs saw increase in business thanks to mobile marketing

June 8th, 2012

How can small and medium businesses take advantage of mobile marketing? Aman Devgan, VP of Marketing, Web.com, joined us in the studio for the latest episode of Marketing Research in Action to talk about how you can apply discoveries from recent research by Web.com and MarketingSherpa …


If you’d like to jump ahead in the video, here is what Aman and I discussed:

0:32 – 84% of SMBs saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts

1:12 – Surprisingly, providing better service to existing customers is a bigger motivator to invest in a mobile presence than attracting more local customers

1:54 – Top 2 hurdles in leveraging mobile marketing


This data comes from this Web.com infographic:

Click to enlarge


3:24 – The interplay between local and mobile search

4:44 – Advice for small and medium businesses to get started in mobile marketing


This data comes from this MarketingSherpa infographic, which was partly informed by research from the MarketingSherpa 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – PPC Edition and the MarketingSherpa 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – SEO Edition (free excerpts at those links):

Click to enlarge


MarketingSherpa Research in Action is filmed in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. If you would like to be on a future episode of the show, let me know.


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