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Content Marketing How-to: Social media tips and tactics from B2B Summit panel

August 20th, 2013

According to the MarketingSherpa Inbound Marketing Handbook, companies that create content “produce higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert than organizations that do not.” Although effective, content creation is difficult.

At B2B Summit 2012, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, sat down with a panel of marketing experts: Eddie Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Topsy Labs; Nichole Kelly, President, SME Digital; and Chris Baggott, Chairman, Compendium. They exchanged insights on content creation, the importance of genuine content and how marketers can kill their career with inauthentic content they create or repurpose.

Watch as the panel discussed the value of harnessing a company’s internal email power, verifying sources and using a human tone with customers. Discover why Nichole said, “Email is the biggest wasted content resource,” and what marketers can do to utilize it.


Creating inauthentic content was one of the five career killers the panel discussed. Watch the full free presentation to see the rest of this discussion as well as the other four social media career killers, including:

  • Thinking your CFO is your nemesis
  • Single-use content
  • Treating social media as “special”
  • Not soliciting outside content


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  1. September 5th, 2013 at 06:29 | #1

    I learned new things from here and this is very useful. Thanks for this video.

  2. April 1st, 2015 at 10:44 | #2

    The real challenge with content marketing is you had to really provide value to your readers. If the article you wrote is just for the purpose of SEO or branding or whatsoever, you are not really providing values. Just my opinion and experience.

    Awesome video presentation, keep up the great work!


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