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Content Marketing: 7 tips for content repurposing

December 11th, 2012

“The Web expects you to generate a lot of content,” said Muhammad Yasin, Director of Marketing, HCC Medical Insurance Services.

“It expects you to generate regularly, with … quality content and to generate it prolifically while you are at it,” he concluded.

The demand is great, as Muhammad said. Sometimes, the Web can feel like a marketer’s very own Little Shop of Horrors, and content is the constantly hungry wail of “Feed me, Seymour!

Repurposing has been a useful solution to this constant demand for Muhammad, and many marketers are searching for a consistent plan for repurposing that will relieve both time and budget.

In fact, this post is a bit of repurposing magic – Muhammad and I spoke recently for the case study, “Content Marketing: Interactive infographic blog post generates 3.9 million views for small insurance company.”

I realized that he had a lot of knowledge to share about repurposing, but it wouldn’t fit into the case study. Ta-da – a new blog post is born, filled with seven tips to help you with your own content repurposing.

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Publishers: Repurpose Print for Podcast Channel

May 9th, 2008

You’re a publisher still looking for a podcasting strategy. Or you’re worried about making a big investment of time and resources.  You could be sitting on a heap of readily available audio content: Interview recordings your editorial team has made for its print articles.

Reporters typically gather way more information than they can fit into their stories. If those interviews are on tape, you can cull some of the best anecdotes and other information that never made it into print and edit them into podcasts that are relevant to your audience.

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