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AI-driven Test Ideation: How to get ideas for your marketing experiments (the easy way)

April 23rd, 2024

I’ve been writing about A/B testing for 15 years at Meclabs (MarketingSherpa is part of Meclabs, as is MarketingExperiments). And one of the most common challenges I’ve heard is – ‘what do I test next?’

Because A/B testing isn’t all that hard to get the hang of. And once you catch the bug and see how it can move the needle and help you learn about and better serve customers – marketers and entrepreneurs want to keep testing.

But we’re only human. And eventually the well runs dry. ‘So what the heck should I test next?’

Enter the biggest marketing buzzword of 2024 (and 2023 as well) – artificial intelligence.

But unlike a buzzword that covers up for vaporware, AI is legit when it comes to test ideation. Because unlike me and you, it isn’t human (sorry bots reading this post, you are not part of my target audience).

So AI is a never-ending font of ideas. Are they all amazingly good? No.

But Paul McCartney originally sang “Scrambled Eggs” instead of “Yesterday,” “The Breakfast Club” was going to be called “The Lunch Bunch,” and Jane Austen came up with the title “First Impressions” before she settled on “Pride and Prejudice.”

Brilliance isn’t obvious at first. It takes a lot of ideas to get there.

Which, again, AI has. So the next time you’re struggling with a test idea, give it a shot.

Here’s an example. I’m co-teaching ‘MEC 300: Develop Your Creative’ in the AI Guild. This isn’t just meant to be training; it’s meant to guide you to build your own funnel. So between each class there is a ‘Build Your SuperFunnel’ activity (I didn’t want to call it ‘homework,’ after all, these are all adult professionals).

After the first session, the Build Your SuperFunnel activity is to formulate a hypothesis and choose success metrics. It can be hard to get started on these from a blank sheet of paper.

So as an example, I show a prompt marketers and entrepreneurs can use in MeclabsAI (MeclabsAI is totally free to use, for now, you don’t even have to register to get started).

I tried both the Conversion Pro and Marketing Professor expert assistants in MeclabsAI, and I preferred the output from Marketing Professor (but you can use either). I didn’t want to put anyone else’s landing page under the harsh spotlight, so I used the How I Made It In Marketing podcast page (which is really more of a category page than a landing page).

Is this the final hypothesis I would prioritize to test? Probably not. But it only took about tend seconds to get. And if I dedicated an entire minute to it, I’d have six choices. Not a bad way to get unstuck when you’re staring at a (metaphorical) blank piece of paper and don’t know what to test next.


Give me a Scientific Messaging Hypothesis and Simplified Success Metrics for this page https://marketingsherpa.com/podcast


Based on the content provided from the MarketingSherpa’s “How I Made It In Marketing” podcast page, let’s formulate a Scientific Messaging Hypothesis and include Simplified Success Metrics to gauge the effectiveness of this approach.

Scientific Messaging Hypothesis

IF we amplify the podcast’s unique appeal through storytelling and personal growth narratives (overall strategy) BY highlighting the tangible impacts and career advancements of featured marketers (development/change), WILL lead to an increase in podcast subscriptions and engagement (metric), BECAUSE the target audience, comprising marketers and entrepreneurs, is motivated by real-world applications of marketing principles and personal success stories (customer insight).

Simplified Success Metrics

Subscription Growth Rate: Measure the increase in the number of podcast subscribers before and after implementing the changes.

Engagement Rate: Track metrics such as average listen time, episode completion rate, and social media interactions related to podcast episodes.

Feedback Quality: Analyze listener feedback and reviews for mentions of personal inspiration, application of discussed strategies, and requests for more content along similar lines.

Referral Traffic: Monitor referral traffic from shared podcast episodes to the MarketingSherpa website, indicating increased listener involvement.

Episode Download Numbers: Quantitative assessment through the count of downloads per episode to determine which narratives are resonating the most with the audience.

These metrics provide a focused approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the messaging strategy, allowing for iterative improvements based on data-driven insights.

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