Adam T. Sutton

Cut Down on Your Ad Networks: You Might Be Stretched Too Thin

Marketers buying on multiple ad networks might be stretched a little too thin. Focusing on fewer networks can help your response rates.

Jocelyn Griffing, Senior Vice President, Director of Online Media, ICON, cut down on the number of networks she used regularly from eight to four over the last year. Now she says campaigns that used to attract a 2% response rate are getting 9%.

“We’re paring back on the number of networks to be more strategic and closely knit with the ones we work with,” she says. “We probably work with four, maybe five pretty heavily. I’d like it to be three.”

Although not all of that boost is due to increased focus.

“To some degree we got smarter. We optimized in a different way. We started putting in some different processes. We played around with frequency capping,” she says.

Depending on your strategy, reach might be more important than response. But if you’re hunting for more clicks and you’re casting a wide net over six or seven networks, you may want to cull the herd and focus optimization efforts on the remainder.

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