Please, Join the Email Anti-Blast Revolution

July 22nd, 2008

DJ Waldow from Bronto Software recently posted an entry in his blog that made me nod my head and chuckle. He ranted a bit about the term “email blast” and called for the community to slash it from the current vernacular.

And while I totally agree with his premise on how “blast” sounds like the antithesis of good email marketing, I’ll take it a step further: When I hear a marketer say, “We sent an email blast,” or even, “We blasted an email,” I seriously think they are living in 1997.

It sounds more like one of my aunts or uncles sending out a birthday party email for my grandma than up-to-date marketing-speak. So, I agree with DJ and then some.

Stop already with your “email blasts”!

And check out his succinctly put and rather humorous blog here (hotlink: Be one of the first to join the ‘Anti-Blast Revolution’.

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