Treat Halloween Like a Shopping Mini-Season in Email

September 23rd, 2008

Last year, numerous email marketers used Halloween to spike their open and clickthrough rates and drive sales. But the most important thing that industry observers saw in their inboxes was that this mini-season isn’t just for seasonal marketers with tight product niches.

Disney, Walgreens, Pillsbury, Sur La Table, PETCO and Vermont Teddy Bear were just a few of the brands that invested capital into Halloween email efforts. Smaller brands have taken note.

For instance, foods eretailer GourmetStation plans to dip their toes for the first time in the coming weeks with Halloween-themed emails. Donna Lynes-Miller, President, says that she thinks you don’t have to sell traditional Halloween products to connect your campaign to the spooky-and-fun holiday.

“There are a lot of opportunities to tie in Halloween with your regular line of products,” she says. “We hadn’t acknowledged the season before because we wrongly thought of it as a kid’s thing.”

Indeed, she and her team have grown to think of Halloween emails as the perfectly easy-to-do specialty campaign to bridge summer to the weeks leading into Thanksgiving. Donna and her team say that they shouldn’t have to do more than they normally would in a campaign; so, it’s not going to cut into their big, Christmas-oriented holiday preparations. “I think we can plan it into our [emails schedule] rather easily.”

Truly, these campaigns can be as simple as writing a Halloween-themed subject line and some support copy into the message that you plan to send in September or October anyway. If you feel like you need product to back up a campaign, finding a fun Halloween item is pretty easy after a few minutes of Googling specialty wholesalers and making a few inquiry calls, says Diana Voigt, Marketing Manager,

She says that many marketers have already started their Halloween-themed messages. Diana says that marketing to purchasers of kid’s costumes has become an intense field of play from the end of July through October.

“A lot of parents now buy their kids two costumes – one for a party and another for trick-or-treating,” she explains. “And the ever-growing market for Halloween costumes for adults means that themed campaigns for this season are [relevant] right up until October 31.” 

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