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Promote Walkability of Real Estate Listings

October 1st, 2008

Here’s a handy tool for real estate marketers. Walk Score™, launched in July 2007, allows users to type in an address and discover what amenities – as in restaurants, grocery stores, bars, retail shops, libraries, movie theaters – are located within walking distance.

This is a valuable tool for real estate marketers because it could sway buyers to make home purchases. Walkability is a huge plus these days with high oil and gas prices. Home buyers and renters want amenities close enough to walk to.

With this in mind, Walk Score has created a Walk Score Real Estate Tile for Realtors to put on their real estate listings. The tile displays the location of the property and everything around it.

To get the tile marketers need only enter the address of a property and their website’s domain. This generates a code for embedding into the web page.

The best part is it’s free! Try promoting the walkability of your properties today!

Natalie Myers

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