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Global Ecommerce: The $1.2 trillion opportunity outside North America

January 16th, 2015

According to eMarketer, a marketing research company, ecommerce sales are expected to hit $1.771 trillion this year — with $1.233 trillion of those sales coming from outside North America.

Keeping this figure in mind, I sat down with Don Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Internet Retailer, after his trip to Shanghai to get some tips and advice for you as you expand your ecommerce business internationally:


We talked about the similarities and differences to the U.S. market, challenges of fulfillment and the important of trust to the Chinese consumer.

For example, when discussing trust, Don said, “Ratings and reviews are really important in China, because there are still a lot of fakes.”

He also advised that, “Live chat is essential in China. Chinese consumers have a lot of questions, and they expect to be able to get an immediate answer.”

Watch the above video to hear all of Don’s tips, or use the links below to jump ahead to a specific session:

0:38 — Data on global growth of ecommerce and emerging trends of ecommerce

1:47 — Ecommerce in Asia-Pacific and the growth of the mobile Chinese consumer

3:05 — How ecommerce has introduced retailing, merchandizing and marketing to China

4:08 — The importance of trust to the skeptical Chinese consumer (and how to compete with Alibaba)

5:15 — Fulfillment in China

5:58 — Same-day delivery in big Chinese cities

8:07 — Opportunities in Western Europe

8:47 — How price comparison has helped the growth of ecommerce in Europe

9:00 — The challenge with cross-border ecommerce (only 15% of European consumers will buy from another country in the European Union) and the importance of building trust to overcome this challenge

9:46 — Ecommerce predictions for Russia, Brazil and Southeast Asia

10:32 — The trajectory of ecommerce growth in Latin America, Asia and North America

11:06 — Growth of ecommerce into previously untapped segments like food delivery

12:42 — I ask Don for his craziest, wildest ecommerce prediction


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