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Most-tweeted Blog Posts of 2010: Blogging for prospects, making social and email work together, email marketing optimization, and more

January 4th, 2011

At this time of year, I see many “My Top 10 Posts for 2010” or “Our Top Blog Posts of the Year.” Here on the MarketingSherpa Blog, we thought we’d try something a little different. We’re sharing your top posts of the year.

We used that neat little plug-in located in the upper right of every post, the Topsy Retweet Button, to determine which posts you (and your peers) found most valuable this year. Here’s what you had to say…

  1. Blogs are Becoming the New Front Door for Prospects: Is Yours Open?
    “3 Ways To Make The Most Of A Corporate Blog” – @flowtown
  2. Making Social and Email Work Together
    “Social and Email need to work together–people who use social media actually check their email more frequently” – @leeodden
  3. Internet Marketing for Beginners: Email marketing optimization 101
    “Want more email capture? Great article from @MarketingSherpa, with a fab little formula on messaging effectiveness.” – @whistlerjedi
  4. Email Marketing: “I am not dead yet”
    “Email Marketing returns an average of $42 for each dollar spent this year” – @Newspapergrl
  5. Content Marketing: How to get your subject matter experts on your corporate blog
    “How to persuade in-house experts to go social via @sbosm” – @jeffhurt
  6. Public Relations: The best press release is no press release
    “Talk to media like they’re your older brother!!” – @laermer
  7. Lead generation: Real-time, data-driven B2B marketing and sales
    “David Meerman Scott shares good info on the integration of B2B social media and real-time lead gen” – @copywriter4u
  8. Social Marketing: Twitter contest boosts followers 43%
    “story behind clever @Kobo campaign run on @Offerpop” – @abonde
  9. Social Media Success Means Learning to Let Go
    “article on relinquishing control in social media to get more engagement and consistency. Great insights.” – @sarameaney
  10. Ten Numbers Every Email Marketer Should Commit to Memory
    “Don’t forget about email” – @thearchergroup

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