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Mobile Marketing: How Voices.com involved its customers in a responsive design campaign [video]

June 5th, 2015

Today’s MarketingSherpa Blog post features an excerpt from a MarketingSherpa Optimization Summit 2014 presentation — “Mobile Optimization: How a B2B ecommerce company used responsive design to increase revenue by 180%” — with David Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer, Voices.com, providing insights into how the company utilized its customers in a mobile marketing campaign on responsive design.

In this video David explains how Voices.com tested its website with click tracking and heatmaps, saying that the first goal was to find out what website elements the team needed to keep when rolling out a new, responsive version that would be effective on both desktops and mobile devices.

“That’s how we identified the [website] elements that we were going to keep,” he says.

Another aspect of taking a customer-centric approach was that the team made a change in how interaction with the website was explained in help guides, tips and tutorials, email instruction and FAQs. This was done in order to reflect that mobile users will be tapping, spreading and pinching rather than navigating with mouse clicks like desktop users.

“We needed to change a lot of the language,” David says, adding, “Now we have a whole series of articles in our knowledge base that explain things in terms of a tap, a double and a scroll.”

Part of creating mobile how-to instruction was training the staff on how to educate Voices.com customers when those questions arose.

“When we roll new things out, we make no presumptions. Having these assets on hand ahead of time as part of the design and development process I think is just invaluable so that it creates for a successful launch,” David explains.

You can watch the full presentation here.


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