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SMB Marketing: How an online store generated 659% three-year revenue growth

September 1st, 2015

On the MarketingSherpa blog, we report on every conceivable element of marketing success — from customer service to content marketing, email deliverability to responsive design.

One element of marketing success you shouldn’t overlook is passion.

Push-through-all-obstacles, make-the-impossible-possible, Teddy-Roosevelt-man-in-the-arena passion.

I met Marc Lobliner, Chief Marketing Officer, TigerFitness.com, at the MarketingSherpa Media Center at IRCE 2015. TigerFitness.com has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for three years in a row with 659% revenue growth over that period to $5.6 million in revenue (as of 2013).

You can watch the interview to hear Marc’s passion for yourself.


TigerFitness.com is not Marc’s first business. He helped create a new $100 million-plus category in the fitness industry — the Intraworkout category — with a product called Xtend.

“When you’re first to market, the brand lives on,” Marc said.

He later moved on to TigerFitness.com, where building a passionate group of employees (amplified by social media) has been a key to growth.

“Without employees making those customers happy, we’re not sitting here right now,” Marc said.

“Our company is about helping other people reach their goals,” he said, adding that if “we can’t help our employees reach their own interpersonal goals, how are we going to help our consumers reach their goals?”

Do you have passion for the brand you’re building? Your customers? Your employees? Just take a few minutes to listen to Marc talk, and it will ignite your own passion for using marketing to help your brand help customers.

“Our doubling-every-year growth — that doesn’t come from search engines. Anybody can buy Google ads. That comes from here [the heart], man,” Marc concluded. “That comes from loving what you’re doing and building a consumer base that knows you’re looking out for their best interest. And that’s what we’re all about.”


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