Sean Donahue

Tracking the Impact of Google’s Chrome on Search

September 5th, 2008

Google made news again this week when the search giant released Chrome, its first Web browser. We’ll be following Chrome over the next few weeks, and will report back soon on what impact the new browser might have on your search marketing campaigns.

In the meantime, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has a fun idea for gauging the immediate impact of the browser release: Google Analytics tracks Chrome usage among website visitors, and just a few days after its release, he saw that Chrome users made up 6.23% of TechCrunch visitors. That’s already the fourth most popular browser among the site’s readers.

Commenters have jumped into the game, sharing their own Chrome usage statistics. So take a look at your own Web analytics reports and see if you can track Chrome usage. How long will it take to establish a meaningful share of your site visitors? Will usage spike over the next few days, then drop back as the novelty wears off? Which established browser will suffer the biggest loss in market share?

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