Beware of Your Email’s ‘Bogus Bounces’

June 24th, 2008

While constantly doing a ton of detailed, cross-client deliverability research for his email services boutique,, Mark David McCreary has come up with an alternative phrase for false-positives. He calls them “bogus bounces.”

In the dreary, brain-bleeding world of deliverability phraseology, it’s nice to hear someone in the community trying to put a little bite into the language. Perhaps coining zingier phrases for marketers’ problems will help get the ISPs’ attention.

But what’s more, Mark claims that 5% of his clients’ bounces or undelivereds are completely bogus. (Check out his deliverability blog for more info on that:

“I do text-only messages for cooking newsletters, pets content emails, joke sites, etc. And, I run very clean, double opt-in lists. So, even one out of 20 bounces being bogus seems way too high to me.”

He has seen the worst cases of bogus bounces recently at the niche ISPs seen below. You should at least run these domains by your reputation manager:



o BuffNET

Reach out to Adelphia Subscribers

But Mark also has seen interesting data from more-recognizable domains in terms of all bounces, whether hard, soft, bogus, etc. For instance, here’s a telling deliverability snapshot for addresses on one of his busiest recent days, April 16, in terms of clients’ campaigns.

Delivered: 71.1% Bounced: 28.3% Delayed: 0.5%

First, he says the Adelphia bounced number shouldn’t be too surprising, as they are closing up shop and slowly transferring addresses to Comcast or RoadRunner in a region-by-region fashion. But, marketers should be proactive in keeping those addresses aboard.

“Reach out to your addresses and tell them, ‘Hey, be sure to sign up for our newsletter with your NEW Comcast or RoadRunner address.’”

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