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Inbound Marketing: 15 tactics to help you earn attention organically

June 28th, 2013

Often, the best ideas for our content come from the MarketingSherpa audience,  such as  this note I received from Steve, “There was a very good graphic in a recent post from Rand Fishkin. I think it would be interesting for you to add some ‘quantitative metrics’ to this.”

Let’s take a look at that graphic …


I reached out to Rand, who is the CEO of Moz, to get a little background on the chart, which looked almost like a yin and yang of modern marketing to me.

“The items in red aren’t necessarily all terrible things you shouldn’t do,” Rand said.

“Interruption marketing can be well done, but as the graphic notes, there’s no flywheel effect generating momentum, and these channels/tactics, on average, lead to higher costs of customer acquisition. In some markets and for some companies, that may be a fine tradeoff, but it should always be a conscious one,” he explained.

Today on the MarketingSherpa blog, we’re providing a mixture of quantitative metrics, case studies, how-to articles and other resources to help you improve your own inbound marketing efforts by learning more about how your peers are effectively using these tactics …



Local search has had the biggest positive impact on marketing objectives, with 54% of marketers indicating so, according to the MarketingSherpa SEO Marketing Benchmark Survey.

How to Switch to SEO, PPC Strategies to Increase Leads: 10 Steps to Triple-Digit Lifts

Local SEO: How geotargeting keywords brought 333% more revenue

PPC Marketing: Two accidents reduce cost-per-lead 20%


Opt-in Email Lists

Only 39% of marketers maintain an opt-in only subscriber list.

Email Deliverability: How a marketing vendor with 99 percent delivery rates treats single opt-in lists vs. double opt-in lists

Authoring Books / Print Media

How Authoring a Marketing Book Can Help Your Business: i-frontier, PFS New Media


Supporting / Sponsoring Events

To drive email list growth, 47% of marketers are using offline events.

How Pabst Blue Ribbon Reversed a 20-Year Sales Decline With Underdog Event MarketingRead how the team was able to boost sales by 15%


Press & Public Relations

Press releases are used by 72% of medium-sized companies as part of their content marketing mix.

Public Relations: Getting corporate data out of subject matter experts heads and into quarterly trend reports increased media coverage 261%

Public Relations: The best press release is no press release

Public Relations: 5 interview mistakes that drive journalists crazy (and how to avoid them)


Thought Leadership

How to Use Forums to Become a Thought Leader: 10 Steps to Make Your Brand Stand OutRead how Callidus grew software users from 0 to 29,000 in 18 months.


Community Building

Social Media Marketing: AT&T Developer Program calendar strategy increases Twitter audience 136%, Facebook 113%


Influencer Outreach

Blogger relations is an effective social media tactic for one-third of marketers.

Social Media Marketing: Data mining Twitter for trends, sentiment and influencers



For inbound marketing, 84% of marketers consider blogs at least somewhat effective.

Content Marketing: An 8-point analysis for your blog

Content Marketing: 5 tips for WordPress blogging

Content Marketing: 172% ROI for online retailer’s high-powered blog


Public Speaking

Handy Guide to Speaking Like a Pro: 15 Tips on Behavior, Visuals & Rehearsing


Earned Social Media

Social media is used by 72% of marketers for lead generation.

Social Media Marketing: YoCrunch boosts average Facebook post interaction 821% (plus two more case studies)

B2B Lead Generation: 6 social media tactics from 7 experts

Social Media Marketing: You value (and earn ROI on) what you pay for


Word of Mouth & Viral Marketing

29% of very experienced marketers say viral marketing is good for branding.

Viral Marketing: Month-long sweepstakes generates 1,170% ROI and 488% lift in email subscribers


Content Creation & Marketing

Content creation is the most effective SEO tactic, according to marketers, with 92% listing it as very effective or something effective.

Content Marketing How-to: 7 steps for creating and optimizing content in any size organization

Content Marketing: McGladrey’s 4-step process increases content production 300%, Web traffic 100%


Organic App Store Visibility

Mobile apps are used by 24% of large companies as part of their content marketing mix.

Mobile Marketing How-To: 9 tactics for improving ranking in Apple’s App Store and the Google Android Market


Video Content

Online video is used by 54% of medium-sized companies as part of their content marketing mix.

User-Generated Content: Video email contest increases site traffic by 13%


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